Adventures in 3D printing

I have wanted a 3D printer for years and have always come up with excuses not to get one. I finally stopped making excuses.

For years I would say if the price drops below X I will get a 3D printer and then when the price dropped below that point I would lower the price I was going to buy one at. For a year or so now it has been possible to pick up a decent 3D printer for around $200.

Then I found the Monoprice mini delta for $159.99 and decided to give up and finally purchase a 3D printer. Before clicking the buy button I started doing some research to figure out if that was a good first printer. After a few hours of reaserch and YouTube reviews I ended up deciding to go with a Monoprice Select Mini V2.

There are several reasons I chose to go with the Select Mini:

Reasons I will consider the Mini Delta as a second printer:

Mini Select VS Mini Delta the specs

Layer resolution

Next post I will go over unboxing and the first print.